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Information Technology (IT) is an exciting, dynamic developing field of study. IT is everywhere–in everything we do, everyday. Graduates are highly sought after to work in areas of business, arts, entertainment, health, community and telecommunications.

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Level 7)

    Design, engineer, build and create programs, networks, phone systems, mobile applications, databases and websites for the information and communication technologies of the future. Hands-on learning in IT.

  • Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (Level 7)

    Specialise in programming, networks, phone systems, mobile applications, databases, servers and websites. Formalise recognition of your specialist information and communication technology ability and skills.

  • Diploma in Information Technology (Level 6)

    A hands on learning focus to develop your skills in engineering and building programmes, websites, databases, networks and servers. Your stepping stone into the Bachelor of Information Technology or into the workforce.

  • Diploma in Information Technology (Level 5)

    Hands on learning to develop your skills in creating programmes, web pages, networks and databases. Your stepping stone to the Diploma in Information Technology (Level 6).

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology (Level 8)

    Research the latest development in an area of interest to you. Update and extend your knowledge through in-depth study of the latest technologies in your area of specialty. Enhance your Project Management skills.

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology (Level 8)

    Update and Enhance your existing skills in a specialist information technology area. Extend your knowledge through in-depth study of the latest technology skills in your specialty.

  • National Certificate In Computing (Level 2)

    Explore the fun world of information technology and discover your potential for a career in this field. A stepping stone into the Certificate in Information Technology.

  • Master of Information Technology (Level 9)

    Focus your research on the latest developments in your area of speciality. Gain internationally recognised skills and knowledge in the area of Information Technology to assist New Zealand in its drive toward a knowledge-based economy.

  • Wellington ICT Grad School - Master of Information Technology

    Develop your career in IT through masters study, includes work related credit, internships, projects, and applied research in industry. Study in downtown Wellington, investigate leading IT developments.

  • Certificate in Information Technology (Level 5)

    Build your skills to create programs, websites, computers and small networks. Your stepping stone into the Diploma in Information Technoloy(Level 5) or into the Bachelor of Information Technology.



  • Adrian Hargreaves - Tutor (Porirua)

  • Andrew Zaliwski - Tutor (Auckland)

  • Arkar Kyaw - Tutor (Auckland)

  • Dr Brenda Lloyd - Tutor (Porirua)

  • Dr Diane Strode - Tutor (Porirua)

  • Dr Marta Vos - Tutor (Porirua)

  • Dr Sue Chard - Programme Manager (Porirua)

  • George Tongariro - Tutor (Porirua)

  • Ian Mitchell - Tutor (Auckland)

  • Iwan Tjhin - Tutor (Porirua)

  • Justin Joseph - Tutor (Auckland)

  • Kevin Shedlock - Tutor (Porirua)

  • Manu Katene - Tutor (Porirua)

  • Michael Lam - Tutor (Auckland)

  • Neale Catchpole - Tutor (Porirua)

  • Nick Donald - Tutor (Porirua)

  • Premalatha Sampath - Tutor (Auckland)

  • Ray Porter - Tutor (Auckland)

  • Rohini Dutt - Tutor (Auckland)

  • Sarita Pais - Programme Manager (Auckland)

  • Shafiq Alam - Tutor (Auckland)

  • Shawkat Dawood - Tutor (Auckland)

  • Simon Dixon - Tutor (Porirua)

  • Steve Cosgrove - Tutor (Porirua)

  • Sue Scott - Tutor (Porirua)

  • Sunil Bedi - Tutor (Porirua)

  • Tony Assadi - Tutor (Porirua)

  • Zawar Shah - Tutor (Auckland)

 Whitireia and WelTec have formed a strategic partnership to develop a network of tertiary learning throughout the Wellington region.

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Whitireia and WelTec have formed a strategic partnership to develop
a network of tertiary learning throughout the Wellington region.
Whitireia and WelTec partnership