Education Forum

Whitireia has initiated an Education Forum designed to support education at all levels in and around Porirua.
In July 2008, we held our first event at which we heard presentations from representatives of the Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary sector and the Chief Executive of the Porirua City Council.

The Forum Committee is gathering information and advice about how well education is doing in our community with a view to finding ways in which we could do even better.

A further event was held prior to the 2008 Election on 30 October. This featured a wide range of political candidates who listened to reports on education sectors as follows:

  1. Don Campbell, Chief Executive, Whitireia Community Polytechnic
  2. Lyn Bramley, Head Teacher, Titahi Bay Kindergarten
  3. Penina Vailaau, Aoga Amata Early Childhood Education Centre
  4. Mary Jones, Principal, Pukerua Bay School
  5. Robyn Rawles, Principal of Natone Park School
  6. Hedley Aitken, Principal, Bishop Viard College
  7. Tim Davies-Colley, Principal, Aotea College
  8. Chris Toa, Mana College Trustee

2009 Update

The first event for 2009 was held on Monday 18 May at 4.30pm and featured Secretary of Education Karen Sewell as Guest Speaker in the stunning new Te Rauparaha Centre Theatre in Porirua, the theme was "Are Porirua Schools getting a fair go?"

The second event for 2009 was held on Monday 24 August at Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua and Hon Anne Tolley, Minister of Education, Minister of Tertiary Education, Minister Responsible for ERO was the Guest Speaker around the theme "Working Together to lift educational achievement".


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