Oldest Pacific Island goes digital in 4th Floor 2012

Posted on November 21, 2012

​The very ancient meets the most modern in the Whitireia online literary journal, 4th Floor 2012, which was launched yesterday.
4th Floor publishes annually, showcasing writers from Whitireia New Zealand’s creative writing programme and produced by Whitireia publishing students. Rob Hack’s poem ‘Mangaia, the oldest island in the Pacific’ is a highlight this year.
“Mangaia is 18,000,000 years old,” says Rob. “People will read this poem about the island on tablets, mobile phones – the whole collection anytime, anywhere in the online world.” Rob says “publishing his poetry in an online format connects with an entirely new, often younger audience than those who usually read poetry books or attend performances.”
Hinemoana Baker has edited the journal for five years. “4th Floor has always been an online journal, and as such readers can dip into it from whichever online device they happen to be using,” she says. “The appeal of online publishing is often in its distribution. The reach of a journal like this is not just local and national, but international as well, and that’s instant. Writers can share their work globally, and audiences can read it, just by clicking.”
When festivals and publications are looking for writers, it can help to have an online presence, says Hinemoana. “In my experience, they like to share the load of publicising events, and writers having some kind of profile helps. 4th Floor is a great vehicle for that.”
The reach of this year’s journal is global in more ways than one. As well as Rob’s poem, 4th Floor 2012 also features a poem by Felicity Yates set in ancient Greece, one by Nicola Easthope set in the Orkney parish of Birsay, and a sequence by Kāpiti Coast poet Tina Regtien exploring her Dutch heritage. Other international highlights include poems from recently returned Berlin Creative New Zealand writer in residence Kate Camp, and 2012 International Writing Programme (Iowa University) writer in resident, Jeffrey Paparoa Holman.
4th Floor also offers a free downloadable ebook anthology in epub, mobi or PDF format.

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