Whitireia Stage and Screen Arts students present ‘Love and Information’

Posted on June 8, 2017

The Whitireia Stage and Screen Arts programme presents Love and Information a play which is truly of our time. Twenty actors play over 100 characters who grapple with communicating in this complex age of information overload. Carol Churchill explores the impact that Facebook, Twitter and the other myriad communication networks have on our lives.

In a script deliciously written for this age of the splintered attention span, the 57 moments that make up Love and Information hurl audiences through an information bombardment that reflects our lives back to us, caught up in a daily mass consumption of data.

Annie Ruth and Ricky Dey direct a generation of actors who have grown up in this world of information overload. Together they question how we separate ‘fake news’ and ‘alternate facts’ from reality and retain our grip on what is really happening.

In a review of its opening season at the Royal Court in 2012 Michael Billington said ‘one of the many points made by this exhilarating theatrical kaleidoscope is that we live in a world where information bombardment is in danger of leading to atrophy of memory, erosion of privacy and decay of feeling.’ But for this young cast, information overload and human connection go hand in ha​nd.

Shows run from Tuesday 27 June to Saturday 1 July, 7.30pm at the Whitireia Theatre, 25 Vivian Street, Wellington City. Tickets are $20 waged, $14 unwaged. Book at www.thetheatre.co.nz

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