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What is online learning?

Online learning uses technology so you have flexible choices for learning. Some Whitireia programmes and courses are fully online, so all of your learning takes place over the Internet. For our blended courses, some of the learning takes place in the classroom and some online work is expected.

Many of our fully face-to-face courses include some online resources to support your classroom experience. For example, you can access material from home or outside class hours, link to relevant websites, or use the technology to discuss concepts or collaborate on projects.

What benefits do you get from online learning?

Whitireia online learning gives you more options and flexibility. This means you can:

  • access course materials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from home or work
  • complete all or part of your learning at a distance (depending on the programme you choose)
  • access the latest information about your course and in your course material
  • use web resources recommended by your tutors
  • take advantage of reduced travel time
  • communicate with tutors and other students by email or discussion boards
  • learn to participate confidently without fear of failure in front of a group
  • keep accessing learning material to reinforce and sustain your learning.

Will online learning suit you?

Some students learn best in a regular classroom, others find online learning provides more options and flexibility, and some enjoy a mix of online and face-to-face learning.  Find out how you might enjoy online learning and what computer skills you need by clicking on our handy ‘Is online learning for me?’ checklist.

What kind of computer do you need?

If your course is mainly classroom based (face to face) you probably need only a basic computer that supports word processing for your assignments, and a connection to the Internet that supports any online research you may need to do.  For fully online learning and for some blended learning courses, you’ll need a computer that has higher specifications and an Internet link with higher capacity, probably broadband.   Check out the technical requirements for your computer, and the kind of support that Whitireia offers for online learning.

What support for online learning is available?

If you have any enquiries about your online course material or your access to Whitireia Online (Moodle), check out the support available.

Whitireia online learning management systems

At Whitireia, we use the Moodle Open Source online learning management system. We call our online learning environment “Whitireia Online”.

For enrolled students:

  • Log in to Whitireia Online (Moodle)

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