Kāpiti campuses combine

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Whitireia Community Polytechnic will be taking over Wellington Institute of Technology's Kāpiti campus from 2002. Both Whitireia Community Polytechnic and Wellington Institute of Technology have run campuses in the Kāpiti region for several years catering for very complementary student interests.

"It now makes sense to bring together all Kāpiti Polytechnic provision under the auspices of Whitireia Community Polytechnic," say the Chief Executive Officers Deirdre Dale and Linda Sissons. The move will allow Whitireia Community Polytechnic to offer a group of comprehensive education programmes to meet the needs of the Kāpiti coast.

Whitireia Community Polytechnic's Lindale campus, which was originally planned for 200 students, now caters for 350. The merger of the two campuses, and the additional facilities that come with it, will enable Whitireia Community Polytechnic to offer a broader range of subjects for the rapidly growing Kāpiti area.

Whitireia Community Polytechnic was first established in Porirua in 1986, and after 16 years of continuous growth now has three main campuses in Kāpiti, Porirua and Wellington. This year more than 5,000 students have enrolled in the 100 courses at the three campuses. It is now the pre-eminent provider of applied education in the Wellington to Kāpiti Coast region.