Postgraduate study at Whitireia Community Polytechnic – Choose career advancement.

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Step up for career advancement! For most health professionals, postgraduate study is vital to career advancement. Nurses and their employers can see it as an investment in their professional future. Postgraduate nursing education internationally is seen as an important aspect of career development and lifelong learning. Studying in the Postgraduate Certificates offered by Whitireia Community Polytechnic across a variety of specialist areas of nursing practice supports nurses on their professional development journey. Postgraduate education has a positive impact on the health outcomes for clients. Recent Australian research reports the benefits of postgraduate education as including items such as enhancing the quality of patient advocacy skills, identifying research questions, acting as a role model, teaching colleagues and making care decisions based on research findings (Pelletier, Donoghue & Duffield 2003).

You can select from one of the entirely specialty clinical nursing focused postgraduate certificate programmes in Primary Health Care Specialty Nursing; Perioperative Specialty Nursing or Entry to Mental Health Nursing (approval pending). We also offer the opportunity to study with other health professionals in the postgraduate certificate programmes in Hospice Palliative Care and Forensic Psychiatric Care. The programmes all deliver accredited masters level study that positions the student well for continuing on their studies. Students report being very well supported as they begin their academic journey whilst also enhancing their specialty practice development.

Whitireia Community Polytechnic has strong focus on practice-based collaborative programme development. The Primary Health Care Specialty Nursing programme is delivered in partnership with the Royal Plunket Society of New Zealand and is offered in four strands encompassing Tamariki Ora/Well child, Population and Public Health, Family Health and Disease State Management. The Perioperative Specialty programme is delivered in partnership with the experienced clinical education group Medtra. The Hospice Palliative care programme is delivered in partnership with Hospice New Zealand. These partnerships ensure that the clinical focus is the primary driver in programme development.

We welcome enquiries from registered nurses at all levels of their practice journey and look forward to hearing from you.