Records management ready to roll

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A delighted records management team saw their new storage and management space in D135 at the Wi Neera Drive campus opened by Whitireia Community Polytechnic Deputy Chief Executive Arthur Graves at a celebratory morning tea on Wednesday 19 November.

The opening was the culmination of a project led by Trish Brimblecombe to ensure Whitireia had the people, systems and spaces ready to comply with the government’s increased requirements for record-keeping under the Public Records Act 2005.

"The project here has its origins in a collaborative initiative for records management undertaken by the Wellington Regional Polytechnic Federation (WRPF). This set in place the systems and processes Whitireia needed to sort out a backlog of paper records. We began with an empty classroom and have to acknowledge the tremendous work done to get to this stage by many people here in the polytechnic, especially Acting Maintenance Manager George McCutcheon and Wally Clay, by our new off-site storage partners at Online Security Services, by Tony Crane of WRPF, and by Samantha Wray from The Open Polytechnic," said Ms Brimblecombe.

Daphne Squire, Records Management Advisor and leader of the team that includes Administrator Lisa Love and Mina Wikohika, commented that the room was more for sorting records en route to off-site storage, rather than for long-term storage.

The space was converted from a disused computing room to a compliant records environment with controlled humidity and light, storage units, computers capable of reading old disks and generous desk space for sorting the massive amounts of paper generated in the institution. Displays of older photographs of the polytechnic, copies of elderly bulletins on the tables and cartoons on the wall making light of the deluge of paper records staff deal with underlined the function of the room.