New book leads to powerful conversations

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Erin Donohue’s young adult novel, Because Everything Is Right but Everything Is Wrong, launched to a wonderful crowd this month. Erin’s powerful coming-of-age story follows 17 year old Caleb Evans as he struggles to hold his life together while everything around him is falling apart.

Immediately after her launch Erin headed off to speak at the Nelson Arts Festival. "It was incredible. I loved being able to share my art with people. I was given the opportunity to talk to a year 10 group from Nelson College for Girls. The girls were so powerful and clever and we were able to have a really open, honest discussion about mental illness, recovery and self-care."

It comes as no surprise to us that Erin’s book was recently the second highest-selling New Zealand children’s fiction title on the Nielsen bestseller list. Read Erin’s wonderful launch speech (72KB PDF) where she shared the experiences that inspired her novel.