Marketing and Sales

Want to help build brands and execute creative marketing campaigns? Learn to develop marketing strategies to reach target markets and grow your sales techniques.

What you will learn

  • Understand what makes consumers tick
  • Build your skills in digital marketing, online advertisement, social media - your passport to your dream job
  • Develop your knowledge of buyer behaviour to help you create effective marketing campaigns
  • Create marketing strategies you can tailor to a range of markets, both domestically and internationally


Marketing graduates can confidently enter the job market, with high demand for a range of marketing roles including:

  • Sales and marketing manager
  • Market research analyst
  • Marketing specialist
  • Content manager
  • Website manager
  • Social media manager

Find out more about your career in sales and marketing here.

Entry requirements

University Entrance or equivalent study or relevant work experience.


Third Year Marketing and Sales Major Courses

BM6208 Buyer Behaviour - (15 credits) 
You will understand buyer behaviour in consumer and business markets and develop appropriate marketing communication strategies to reach consumer and business markets in the digital era. 
BM6209 Selling and Sales Management - (15 credits) 
To enable you to demonstrate knowledge of and apply the principles and practices of personal selling as used by organisations to develop long-term relationships with customers while integrating current technologies into personal selling and sales management practices. 
AM6217 Services Marketing Management - (15 credits) 
You will understand the roles, functions and application of services marketing management within contemporary New Zealand organisations. You will explore the key resources, skills, techniques, attitudes and ethics required to operate successfully in a range of service environments. 
AM7320 International Marketing - (15 credits) 
This course is designed to provide you with an understanding of marketing from an international perspective. The course enables the participants to acquire an understanding of the International marketing environment, including the cultural and social environments, and develop marketing strategies and tactics to reach potential customers in International markets. 
AM7321 Strategic Marketing - (15 credits) 
To enable you to think strategically about marketing situations; to know the major aspects of planning, implementing and controlling marketing strategies and tactics in the digital era and to understand the current range of analytical models and techniques that might be applied to enhance marketing performance, while recognising the challenges of implementation. 

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