Accounting Graduate Diploma Courses

AM6203 Intermediate Financial Accounting - (15 credits) 
You will apply the regulatory and technical aspects of financial accounting and external reporting for companies and evaluate financial and non-financial information. 

AM6204 Intermediate Management Accounting - (15 credits) 
You will collect, interpret, present and use relevant management accounting information for an organisation to effectively plan, control and make appropriate decisions regarding business operations. 

AM6205 Taxation in New Zealand - (15 credits) 
You will apply knowledge of taxation rules to New Zealand taxable entities in a range of situations. 

AM7302 Advanced Financial Accounting - (15 credits) 
To enable you to develop an understanding and critical awareness of financial accounting issues within New Zealand and international context. 

AM7303 Advanced Management Accounting - (15 credits) 
The aim of this course is to provide you with advanced techniques and skills to be able to provide and evaluate accounting information, including its behavioural implications and contribute to organisational success 

BM7211 Industry Project (Part A) - (15 credits) 
To prepare you for an applied industry project related to your area of study. 

BM7212 Industry Project (Part B) - (30 credits) 
To enable you to carry out a significant project related to your area of study for a specific organisation; and apply theoretical learning to an organisational issue. 

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