Operations Management Graduate Diploma Courses

BM6201 Leadership - (15 credits)

You will understand concepts and apply principles of leadership and be equipped to create a personal plan to develop leadership capabilities. 

BM6202 Human Resources and Employment Relationships - (15 credits) 

You will understand the roles, functions and application of human resource management and employment relationships within contemporary New Zealand organisations. 

AM6225 Operations Management - (15 credits) 

The aim of this course is to give you an understanding of the concepts and analytical methods that contribute to the systematic direction and control of the processes that transform inputs into completed goods and services, with focus on the efficient and effective management of resources

BM7201 Business Transformation and Change - (15 credits) 

This course will give you an insight into the challenge associated with introducing change, especially strategic change in organisations. It will examine the forces that impact on an organisation in today’s business environment such as the pressures of deregulation, privatisation, social renewal, globalisation and other external and internal factors. 

BM7202 Business Sustainability - (15 credits) 

This course provides an overview of the environmental, social, economic, and governance aspects of sustainability management and how to address them to maximise business and product performance while managing changing stakeholder expectations. 

BM7211 Industry Project (Part A) - (15 credits) 

To prepare you for an applied industry project related to your area of study. 

BM7212 Industry Project (Part B) - (30 credits) 

To enable you to carry out a significant project related to your area of study for a specific organisation; and apply theoretical learning to an organisational issue.

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