Get prepared for further study or employment. Try a range of construction trades including electrical, plumbing, and carpentry.

Programme Overview

The National Certificate in Educational Achievement (Level 2) [Construction and Infrastructure] aims to help you decide on a suitable training and career path, and to build your study and employment skills. At the completion of this programme you will have sampled a range of practical courses and career options which will help you make choices about your future.

Programme Outline

Gain an introduction to plumbing, electrical engineering and carpentry trade specialisations.

Learn to:

  • communicate practical ideas, verbally and in writing
  • read texts and apply them to practical situations
  • perform simple calculations and measurements and interpret data for everyday situations
  • perform a selection of basic property maintenance tasks
  • work safely on a construction site
  • carry out basic tasks in a BCATS project
  • work as part of team
  • maintain positive working relationships and interpersonal skills within a team

Build on your literacy and numeracy skills and gain the credits required for further your study in  construction trades.

Class times are 8am to 4pm, Monday to Wednesday.

Entry Requirements

Open entry

International students

Not applicable

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