Undertake specialised study and practice in the craft of writing a novel, screenplay, short fiction, poetry or non-fiction work

Work on a book-length project in your chosen genre – poetry, fiction, non-fiction, script-writing. Receive excellent mentoring from experienced writers and valuable feedback from workshopping with other students. Add to this your own motivation and discipline, and by the end of the year produce the first draft of a book-length manuscript (and often much more).

You can enrol for the Diploma in Creative Writing (Advanced)

Programme Outline

Work with your core tutor on

  • craft and technique within your chosen genre 
  • refining the idea 
  • planning and research 
  • reading and critique within your chosen genre 
  • rewriting and editing 
  • knowledge and appreciation of the publishing/production process

Each genre is delivered in a slightly different way, however all involve structured classes, tutor support, and a large amount of self-directed time for writing. Students on the second year of the Bachelor of Creativity (Writing) work in a cross-genre class that provides structure and support for a first time manuscript writer.

Entry Requirements

Evidence of writing skills based on submitted writing samples, outline for writing project and interview

International students

Proven equivalence to domestic entry requirements and IELTS 6.0 (no band lower than 5.5)


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