Social Data Analytics


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Social Data Analytics

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IT5507 Fundamentals of Data Science

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To introduce learners to the analysis of social data using tools and techniques to extract knowledge and insights from social media networks.


Course content

Social data analytics and the factors of context, content and sentiment, Machine learning techniques employed to model and structure the information content of textual data, Text analytics techniques used in sentiment analysis to determine people’s attitudes, Data mining techniques such as link and association analysis, visualisation and predictive analytics using statistical programming tools, API’s for accessing data on social networks, Contemporary issues relating to social media data


Learning objectives

  1. Identify and explain contemporary text mining tasks typically applied to document collections
  2. Perform introductory text mining tasks on publically available social media data
  3. Identify and explain the visual analytical concepts applied to large social data sets
  4. Analyse and discuss current social, ethical, security and privacy issues relating to large-scale social data analytics





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