Networking II LAN


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Networking II LAN

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IT5506 Introduction to Networking

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1 trimester





This course introduces the essential knowledge and skills of a networking professional and develops knowledge of the logic and algorithms involved in routing and switching traffic. Learners will develop an understanding of individual routing protocols and concepts and learn to configure network addressing services and to analyse, verify and troubleshoot routing and switching operations.


Indicative content

Static and Dynamic Routing, Switch Configuration, Router Configuration, Network Address Translation, ACL , RIP, DHCP & VLANs, Access Control Lists, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol



Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Configure routers and switches using a variety of common network technologies.
  2. Troubleshoot routers and switches using a variety of common network technologies.
  3. Configure static and dynamic routes
  4. Design and implement classless IPv4 and IPv6 addressing schemes for networks
  5. Configure basic router and switch operations and troubleshoot common issues and problems
  6. Configure and verify basic addressing services in a small routed and switched network


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