The Information Technology Environment


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The Information Technology Environment

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1 trimester



  • To introduce students to fundamental business concepts and principles, and how these relate to the Information Technology industry.
  • To introduce students to the concepts of governance and risk maintenance and how these relate to the IT Industry.
  • To provide students with a grounding in legal, ethical and professional issues related to the Information Technology industry and to enable them to make decisions according to accepted standards.


Indicative Course Content

Legislation and Statutory Regulations, Treaty of Waitangi, Legislation and Statutory Regulations that relate to the Information Technology industry , Forms of business ownership, Organisations objectives and relationship to environment, Importance of ethical behaviour to IT managers and technicians, Organisation of IT Projects, Code of practice for IT professionals , Some other codes of practice for comparison , Ethical dilemmas, Ethics


Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe legislation that relates to the Information Technology industry including effects of the Treaty of Waitangi.
  2. Describe the nature of organisations, particularly business organisations, and their objectives; and the relationship between organisations and their environment.
  3. Describe and compare the various forms of business ownership; and understand how organisations may typically be structured.
  4. Explain the importance of ethical behaviour and evaluate the main ethical considerations facing Information Technology professionals.
  5. Compare and evaluate a selection of professional codes of ethics, relevant to the Information Technology profession.
    1. Identify risk and propose governance and risk management strategies to mitigate these risks.
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