Update and enhance your existing skills in a specialist Information Technology area. Extend your knowledge through in-depth study of the latest technology skills in your speciality.

Choose hands-on learning relevant to your career from a range of options including:

  • Data-Mining
  • Cloud Computing
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • ICT Infrastructure
  • Information Management
  • Mobile Devices
  • Network Design and Management
  • Security and Forensics
  • Quality Assurance and System Architecture

Programme Outline

Paper #




Research in Information Technology (Compulsory)



Aim - To provide students with a framework for applied research in information technology through examining research methods and publications, with particular reference to research into the impact of information technology on society.

Bachelor's degree or Graduate Diploma or Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology or related subject


Business Analysis for Information Technology



Aim - To enable students to manage all aspects of business process development.

IT7x23 or equivalent knowledge


Business Intelligence and Data Mining



Aim - To provide students with a framework for identifying and aligning computer-based data analysis strategies with organisational goals in order to create and sustain competitive advantage.



Cloud Computing and ICT Infrastructure



Aim - To enable students to critically analyse cloud computing and other advances in information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and recommend a workable solution (including cloud-related technology) for a given ICT environment.

IT7x27 or equivalent knowledge


Conceptual Data Modelling



Aim - To provide students with a framework for formalising the data requirements of organisations at a conceptual level, with particular emphasis on the modelling of constraints that control the behaviour of organisations.

IT7x29 or equivalent knowledge


Information Management



Aim - To provide students with a perspective of using information systems (IS) strategically in their organisations in order to manage information as a critical resource through planning, developing, implementing and evaluating information management from a managerial perspective with an understanding of impacts on stakeholders.

IT7x26 or equivalent knowledge


Multimedia Application Development for Mobile Devices



Aim - To provide students with a framework for the development of multimedia applications for the mobile devices.

IT7x22 or equivalent knowledge


Network Design and Management



Aim - To provide students with in-depth understanding of the concepts and procedures used in requirements analysis, design, installation, and management of computer and communication networks.

IT7x37 or equivalent knowledge


Network Security and Forensic



Aim - To provide students with a broad knowledge of critical security threats to computer network systems and possible countermeasures, and to provide knowledge of best practice and techniques for investigating breaches of security.

IT7x38 or equivalent knowledge


Quality Assurance and Testing



Aim - To provide students with in-depth understanding of methodologies and techniques used in software testing and quality assurance.

IT7x32 or equivalent knowledge


Systems Architecture and Technology Integration



Aim - To provide students with an understanding of a range of information system, telecommunications and mobile architectures, and how to integrate these into an enterprise architecture.

IT7x37 or equivalent knowledge


Special Topic in Information Technology



Aim - To enable students to understand the underlying principles of a specific topic relating to information and communications technology, apply the underlying principles and concepts to the identification and solution of unstructured problems in unfamiliar settings, research the topic and evaluate and implement novel methods of solving problems related to the topic.

Level 7 paper as appropriate or equivalent knowledge





Aim - To gain industry experience relevant to a chosen area of IT and to critically reflect on concepts and perspectives studied.

Entry Requirements

Bachelor Degree or Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma in Information Technology OR equivalent skills and knowledge through appropriate work or professional experience.

International students

Proven equivalence of entry requirements plus IELTS 6.5 (no band lower than 6.0)

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