Begin your journey of learning te reo Māori with stages from Level 1 to Level 4 and gain credits towards the National Certificate in Reo Māori (Level 4). Night class options available.

This programme introduces students to te reo Māori from Level 1 elevating to Level 4 of the NZQA Unit Standards, with credits towards the National Certificate (Level 4). Te Ara Piko is a full-time programme that runs Monday to Fridays, 9am–2:30pm and is designed to produce competent speakers of te reo Māori, from those who have no previous experience or knowledge of te reo.

The programme contains a number of activities aimed at introducing students to te ao Māori through real-life experiences and practising related tikanga. The programme aims to deliver a balance between academic and practical learning and consists of writing, speaking, listening and reading skills.

The programme includes noho marae and various activities throughout the year. The tikanga and noho marae components of the programme aim to give students insight, experience and understanding of the Māori values contained within te reo Māori and traditional tikanga Māori practices.

Attendance at tutorials and noho marae are compulsory. On successful completion of the programme, graduates will be able to communicate competently in Māori (daily conversational language). Graduates may also qualify for the National Certificate in Reo Māori (Level 4).

Programme Outline

Full-time Options

Monday to Thursday
9.00am - 2.30pm

Night Class Options
Beginners Te Hiringa o Te Reo
This programme introduces students to te reo Māori with no previous experience or knowledge of the language
Tuesday evenings, 


Start DateFebruary/July

Beginners Level 3
This programme strengthens students with an extension of the language base, developing use of te reo Māori, history and tikanga.

Wednesday evenings, 5pm-8pm
Start Date: February/July

Beginners Level 4

This programme is geared for students who are beginning their journey of te reo Māori learning
Thursday evenings, 5-8pm
Start Date: February/July

How do I know which level to enrol in?
Level 1 – You are level one if you are an absolute beginner – no reo Māori at all
Level 3 – You are level three if you know how to say:
  • Who you are
  • Where you are from
  • You are doing the dishes
  • He has sung the song
  • Your partner is not doing the dishes
  • Your partner is watching TV (again!)

All of the above, and

  • Those are not your dirty dishes. The dirty dishes belong to your partner
  • Would you like a cup of tea and a cake?
  • I’d love a cup of tea. Two sugars and milk
  • Who will cook dinner?
  • I will not cook dinner. My partner will cook dinner. I will wash the dishes
Level 4 – You are level four if you know how to say:

All of the above, and

  • I am able to change a light bulb but I can’t fix our car
  • He can cook but can’t sing
  • Kina are more delicious than rotten corn
  • I am prettier than you
  • Your teacher would like to talk to you about work
  • When did you get home last night?
  • We will run to her house then we will walk to the pub
  • I have just finished the house work while you were swatting flies
  • Kīwaha
Level 5 – You are level five if you know how to say:

All of the above

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