Recruitment Process

This information applies to domestic and overseas applicants looking for employment at Whitireia. For further enquiries please contact or call our HR coordinator on 830 2243.

Whitireia gives preference to applicants who have the legal right to work in New Zealand (New Zealand or Australian citizens, as well as holders of a valid work or residence visa or permit issued by the New Zealand Immigration Service). If you are not a New Zealand or Australian citizen, contact the New Zealand Immigration Service to see if you are eligible to work in New Zealand.

You will be prompted during the online application process to attach a copy of your valid work visa or residence permit as issued by the New Zealand Immigration Service.

Our Process

To apply for a position with Whitireia the first thing you will need to do is tailor your CV and then apply online using the online application. If we progress your application, you will then need to participate in an interview. As a further part of the recruitment process, we also complete checks on your background. Once these four steps have been completed the recruiter and/or hiring manager who has worked with you will be in touch regarding the final stages of the process - including being made an offer if you are the preferred applicant.

Step 1: Tailor your CV

Your CV is very important - it is our first impression of you. It should highlight the skills and experience you've gained throughout your career to date. Here's some tips which should help you deliver a first class CV!

  • Compile your CV in reverse order (showing your most recent experience first)
  • Show the month and year you commenced each position
  • If there are any gaps in your employment explain these
  • As well as responsibilities, list your achievements in a position
  • Keep it concise
  • Check and double check your spelling and grammar
  • Highlight in a covering letter why you believe your skills meet the requirements of the position  
Step 2: Applying

To apply for a position, please visit the vacancy you are interested in, Click on the Apply Now button and complete the on-line application form. Please note it is important that you complete all sections of the on-line application.

When you have successfully submitted an application, you will receive a confirmation email, letting you know we have received your application. If your application is incomplete you will also be notified.

As we often receive a large number of applications for any given position, you may not hear from us again for a week or two after the vacancy closes. If, after applying for a position, you have not heard from us within three weeks please email

You are more likely to be successful in the recruitment process if you think carefully about and tell us how you fit the position you are applying for, i.e. in your covering letter. We recommend you only apply for targeted positions for which you have suitable skills and experience - applying for multiple positions can damage your credibility.

Step 3: Interviewing

If your skills and experience look suitable for a current opening, we will be in touch with you to arrange an interview or interviews so we can get to know you better - and so you can get to know us.  

All interviews are behavioural based using the S.T.A.R.R. approach. Situation facing the applicant (the what), Task facing the applicant (the what), Actions taken by the applicant (the how), Role held during the situation or task (the level of responsibility held), Results or changes caused by the actions (the effects or outcomes).  The emphasis is on providing and describing examples (“What I did” not “What I would do”). 

Step 4: Background Checks

If you are short-listed for a position, you will be required to provide at least two referees for us to contact.

These referees must ideally be people you have reported to in prior positions - or at least people who have a working knowledge of your abilities and experience. This allows us to understand how you have performed in previous positions and assess your suitability for the position you have applied for. We may also perform other forms of pre-employment checks, including credit checks and assessments, depending on the level and type of position you are applying for. These may take place before your first interview, but will usually coincide with or follow it.

All positions dealing with child care applicants and other positions as identified from time to time undergo a police records check, and any convictions are assessed on the severity of the offence and relevance to the position being applied for.

Step 5: Being made an offer

If you are successful in becoming the preferred candidate, you will be contacted initially by phone and your offer of employment with Whitireia will be made via a written employment agreement, which you can review and have the opportunity to seek independent feedback on.